Bando Trading Co.,Ltd.
SINCE 1974

Company Outline

Trade Name Bando Trading Co.,Ltd
Head Office: 2-4-60, Kanazawa, Tokushima,
770-0871 JAPAN
TEL/FAX +81-88-664-1355 / +81-88-664-3118
Established: May.29,1974
President Hideyo Bando
Employees: 16 persons
Opening hour: AM 8:30 - PM 5:30

In 1974, former president Yoshihiro Bando was independent from "Bando Kiko Co.,Ltd.," and established "Bando Trading Co.,Ltd.".
We exported the sheet glass processing machine of Bando in the world and have contributed to the trade fair exhibition of Germany.
The import division of overseas sheet glass processing machines was started-up and the engineering was also established for technical support.
It has developed into the company which occupies 60% or more of the market share in Japan and overseas.
We will do the best efforts to the customer and endeavor to maintain the enterprise relationship over a long period of time with the customer.

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