Bando Trading Co.,Ltd.
SINCE 1974

Company Outline

Trade Name Bando Trading Co.,Ltd
Head Office: 2-4-60, Kanazawa, Tokushima,
770-0871 JAPAN
TEL/FAX +81-88-664-1355 / +81-88-664-3118
Established: May.29,1974
President Hideyo Bando
Employees: 16 persons
Opening hour: AM 8:30 - PM 5:30

Greeting from Management

Recent technology development have improved and the business advances get active domestically as well as overseas.

We consider environment surrounding society, a change of economic development to be new progress, to be an opportunity and changes taking place in our society or economy, want to put on efforts for continuous together with sustained growth and development.

On greeting 45th anniversary soon, we make an efforts to be able to find further sense of values.
We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

Bando Trading Co.,Ltd.
Representative Officer and President
Hideyo Bando

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